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Wellness sessions designed to breathe life and rhythm into your meetings

#CovidTimes ?

Our sessions are secure and designed to help you better support your masks! 😷

Customized for a professional environment

  • Clear and neutral language

  • Suitable for everyone’s dress code

  • Appropriate for all attendee profiles

Accessible to everyone

  • Simple exercises

  • All ages, all levels

  • Gentle and safe movements

Easily integrates into your meeting

  • Held in your meeting room

  • No need for equipment or preparation time

  • At a time that best suits your meeting

Why include a wellness session in your meeting ?

<p>#CovidTimes ?</p>
<p>#CovidTimes ?</p>
<p>#CovidTimes ?</p>
<p>#CovidTimes ?</p>

Stay focused and committed throughout an 8 hour meeting

After 50 minutes of uninterrupted work, we lose about 50% of our attention span, which needs to be renewed with effective breaks.

Replenish your concentration

When sitting for a long time without moving, the blood flow to the brain slows down and clarity of mind diminishes.

Reshift energy

By triggering the cardiovascular system through movement, the entire body (and in particular, the brain) replenishes with oxygen and nutrients necessary for its proper functioning.

promote creativity before brainstorming

Because it is in times of intellectual slackening that the brain can, in its “default mode”, forge links between recent and old facts, and thus spontaneously bring new ideas to life.

What do our client say ?

Already more than


Wellness sessions performed for our clients

Delphine - BNP Paribas
A very positive and enjoyable daily experience, which allows to disconnect and better focus on work related topics.
Patrick - RATP
Wellness during the meeting: everyone is welcomed, and everyone is won over!
Nick - ARVAL
At first, I was not convinced of the usefulness of the session. But I decided to try it and I was very pleased to have done it. At the end of the session, I felt better able to focus to deliver 100% of  work hard!
A session that allowed attendees to refocus, take a step back in the middle of the day and reinvigorate yourself for the rest of the seminar. Accessible to all, it was a very pleasant experience shared among all of us!
Thierry - SNCF
These short Wellness sessions spread throughout the day really benefitted our seminar: more energy, flow, all in a calm environment. The day was packed and the sessions gave me breathing space and boosted my energy, especially through my own initiative!
I enjoyed both the “Wellness” relaxation experience and the teacher, who was able to loosen us up to tackle a long day of work in better shape. Thank you!
Renaud - PRETTO
Speaking time allocated fairly among all attendees, visual and interactive presentation media... Having experts recommended by Comet allowed us to increase the efficiency of our meeting.

They have tried the Wellness Experience

B2G Consulting
La Banque Postale
BNP Paribas

Ready to give it a try ?

Ask your Meeting Scientist to book a session and enhance the well-being of attendees at your next meeting !

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