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Our services

To enhance your meeting output

Latest IT equipment with an on-site Tech staff

The latest IT equipment is comprised of TV monitors, projectors, videoconferencing, electronic flipcharts, wireless mics, all very easy to handle.

Our on-site Tech staff will be supporting you all the way to make this headache free.

And a (very) high speed Wifi that will accommodate all your participants’ connexions.

Single contact point to help plan the day effortlessly

A Meeting Scientist* will guide you throughout your entire experience at Comet Meetings.

From understanding your exact specifications, suggesting levers of productivity, managing logistics, greeting you on D Day, he or she will make sure that your event exceeds your expectations.

*Yes, yes, a true scientist

Wellness ambassador
to provide well-being sessions during your meeting

At Comet Meetings, we want you to include small well-being breaks during your meeting in order to refuel the energy level and support attention span.

We offer 15 minutes wellness sessions in the all-inclusive packages, that our wellness ambassadors can perform any time of the day in your meeting room, customising the course to your meeting’s content and purpose.

Referral based community of facilitators and coaches to enhance your meeting

We collect participants referrals of independent facilitators and coaches that have made a true impact on meetings hosted by Comet.

Your Meeting Scientist is then able to suggest you only the best and most relevant facilitators corresponding to your exact challenge and line of business.

To entertain your day

Onsite homemade cuisine

We know how critical the food service is to your overall meeting day. Our onsite culinary team is here to make sure that from breakfast, lunch to diner, these key moments contribute to our one-of-a-kind offsite experience.

Our approach to food focuses on simple flavors, with locally sourced ingredients, respectful of the environment.

It also needs to occur outside your meeting room, in a beautiful and dedicated space!

And naturally, it’s all included with no additional vendors.

Tasty breaks all day long

To pace your day, we’ve arranged break corners where you can enjoy any time during the day, an assortment of food and drinks that have been selected carefully to maintain your energy level : rich in magnesium, serotonin and dopamine.

Don’t hesitate to talk with our Wellness ambassador on site to get some quick nutrition advice.

Celebrate at the end of the day

Take a moment to step back from your meeting content, develop your networking between collaborators and celebrate your achievements.

Discover our after-work, cocktail diner and corporate party options. Don’t hesitate to ask your Meeting Scientist!

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Ask for a quote