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Team cohesion

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The science of problem solving in a work session

Problem solving meetings typically include a team or group of sub-teams and a leader or facilitator overseeing the discussions. Participants provide ideas, input and solutions to specific problems. Seats should promote eye contact, conversation and a sense of common purpose.

<p>Recommended configuration</p>

Recommended configuration

The Cabaret configuration results in blocks of tables, distributed in a balanced manner in the meeting room. These blocks allow participants to be divided into work teams and thus stimulate team collaboration. At the block level, circle seating encourages interactions and contributions between people, while ensuring that more passive people follow conversations. It is recommended to limit the number of participants in a Cabaret to 60 people.

2 to 60


La science de Comet

Circle arrangements promote a sense of equality of status.

Problem solving is more productive when all participants can face each other.

Eye contact allow for greater confidence.

The science that rocks !

Recommended services

  • Subcommittee rooms available
  • Support tools (post-it, paperboards, whiteboards)
  • Break spaces without time constraints
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  • Technology console to manage multi-presentations
  • Smartphone locker to invite to disconnect
  • Tech media (electronic paperboard)
  • Tablet to energize the team with Comet playlists
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  • Revitalize : revitalize participants in the afternoon
  • Relax & unwind : relax at the end of the day
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  • Problem Solving facilitator
  • Graphic designer to draw the highlights of the day
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