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The science of sharing information in a conference

In a conference, the goal is to share information. Since the number of people can be very high, these informative meetings require large spaces with seating configurations that provide an unobstructed view of the speakers and ergonomic seating for comfortable note-taking.

<p>Recommended configuration</p>

Recommended configuration

The seats, in Theater configuration, do not have a workspace, which encourages more participants to focus on the animation of the speakers located on a main stage. In addition, the layout in rows members reduces potential sources of individual distraction. The layout can be arranged in curved rows to provide better visibility of the presented content. No recommended limit in terms of number of participants.

La science de Comet

The front-runners learn more, participate more and are more enthusiastic.

The central sections ask the most questions, while the lateral and rear areas are the least responsive and attentive.

Comfortable seating is essential as sessions last many hours without interruption.

The science thats rocks!

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