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The science of deliberation in a decision-making committee

In a decision committee, participants work on an action plan; there is usually a leader who moderates the discussion. The goal of the group is to stay on track as it moves towards consensus, so leaders need to sit in a position of influence that allows them to maintain and control the dynamics.

<p>Recommended configuration</p>

Recommended configuration

The Board configuration allows each participant an identical space. All participants have a clear view of the other members of the meeting, and an established leader is at the head of the configuration. This position of influence lends itself well to guided discussions and decision-making. Instead, it is recommended to limit the number of participants to 30 people.

2 to 30


La science de Comet

People sitting across the way are more likely to argue, while those who feel the same way tend to sit side by side.

The most strategic position is on the right side of the moderator.

If there is no seat at the head of the table, the middle becomes the most influential position.

The science that rocks!

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