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Press 24.11.20

SPACEHUNTR : "10 unusual venues in Paris"

SPACEHUNTR : "10 unusual venues in Paris"

Have an uncommon event concept that requires a venue that’s just as unique? No problem, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most unusual venues in Paris, so you can host an event that exceeds even your own imagination.



Sports location with beach fields for summer sports

Want to build a sand fort? This truly unusual venue provides a hidden oasis in busy Paris. This 1600m² “urban beach” offers sports activities, a bar and breathtaking views of the grounds.

This space has held workshops, team-building days, birthday parties, and more. What could you use it for?

If you’re looking to hire space for a unique party or corporate event that people won’t soon forget, look no further!

Find out more here.



Revez d’Ailleurs – L’Atelier

Modern and sleek loft with parquet flooring and quirky interior

Looking to hire a sophisticated space for a corporate event or a high-class party?

This British-Style loft has space for up to 200 people. Equipped with pool tables and a Grand Piano, there is something for everyone.

This venue oozes class due to its calculated design, oak wood floors, glass roof and exposed metal structure. Conveniently located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, guests won’t have any trouble getting there. Plus, it comes with sound, video, stage and lighting equipment.

Want to learn more or hire this venue? Click here.



La Bellevilloise – Le SAS

Flamboyant event room with quirky design and furnishings

Paris events are often creative and off the wall, but it takes a certain kind of host and a high level of confidence to pull off an event in a room like this. The eccentric design is to die for and the wall-mounted unicorn agrees! Should your guests get lonely, the giraffe is a really good listener too.

The stunning chandelier, eclectic furniture and mesmerising ceiling murals help give this room an incredibly unique feel… if the animal heads weren’t enough.

This unusual venue can hold up to 50 people, and with the bar, stage and multitude of props available, you’re fully equipped to show them a great time.

Find out more about this 20th arrondissement venue here.



Comet Place des Victoires

Urban jungle space with loads of green and wood

If you want guests to walk through the door and say “Wow!”, this urban jungle won’t disappoint.

This stunning venue lends itself perfectly to unusual event concepts. Be it fantasy magic, or tiki jungle themed, the arching greenery and plant wall tie it all together and sell the illusion.

With capacity for 100 people and 17 rooms available, you’ll have plenty of space for guests, props and storage.

Click here to hire this space and find out more about this jungle fantasy.



Restaurant Georges

Restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of Paris

The breathtaking panoramic view of the City of Lights catapults this venue to one of the best unusual venues for Paris events. From fashion shows to product launches to private dinners, this venue has catered it all.

Providing dazzling service atop an emblem of 20th-century architecture, this unique venue will adjust to your needs and help you execute your event concept. With a large interior under a glass ceiling and rooftop terrace, there’s plenty of space to host guests.

Magical views of the sunset and stars await. Learn more and hire this venue here.




Special wine cave venue with stone walls

This gorgeous stone brick room will leave any guest astonished at your Paris event. With oak bookshelves holding rows of fine French wine and emerald tiles gracing the floor, this room oozes sophistication.

This warm, intimate space can hold 12 to 16 people, making it perfect for private dining or afterwork celebrations.

Need a little extra functionality? This room also comes with AV equipment, a projector and world-class Bose sound system.

Find out more about this Paris venue here.



La Recyclerie

Former railway station full of historic decorations

Looking for a place to hold a small Paris event and get your creative juices flowing? This atelier is perfect. Large enough for up to 15 people, your brainstorming and workshop sessions are bound to be fruitful. With eclectic decoration and tools lining the walls, there is an air of craftsmanship and quality ready to be harnessed.

This workshop, housed in a former railway station, is located within minutes of the Porte de Saint-Ouen. They are happy to provide whatever furniture you need, offer WiFi and even catering.

This atelier won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a place to figure out a plan for world domination, or just a cool space to have afterwork drinks.

Take a look at more pictures here.



Espace Niemeyer

Futuristic Meeting Room with green carpet and innovative ceiling

This 112m² room, built with concrete steel and ceramic, offers a futuristic, sustainable vibe. Perfect for corporate events or an unexpected party venue, this room sets itself apart and is truly unique.

Once private boardroom meetings are over, there is also a large breakout space just outside.

So, whether you want to mix up cocktail night, or impress a prospective client, this venue will impact anyone who graces its doorway.

Find out more here.



Lucid Interval 

Intimate space with a brutalist aesthetic

Fine dining on concrete slabs, surrounded by rugged concrete walls and floors… what’s not to like?

One of the most unusual spaces to hire in Paris, Lucid Interval provides a blank canvas for organisers to paint their vision upon. The managers work hard to accommodate any event concept and this space has hosted DJ sets, cocktail evenings and film screenings.

This space is fully soundproof, boasts a top-notch surround sound system, and even has a smoking room. With space for up to 110 people, embrace the brutalist aesthetic and find out more here.



La Coupole du Printemps

Majestic event space with a colourful glass dome

You’d be hard-pressed to find many venues with such stunning art and architecture as La Coupole du Printemps. The incredible stained glass dome features blues and greens that cascade down into the warm reds and pinks below.

This truly majestic venue has enough space for you to charm up to 450 guests. AV equipment, superb catering and drinks to boot, this space is ready and waiting to serve your needs.

Find more information about this 9th arrondissement of Paris event spectacle here.



Wrapping it up…

Finding the right venue to hire can be a nightmare, but Paris has you covered. Whether you want your guests to feel like royalty inside a sophisticated gentleman’s club, or like they’re chillin’ at the beach, there’s plenty unusual venues in Paris for you. Which one did you think was most outlandish?

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