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Our philosophy

Comet manifesto!

Say no to unproductive meetings
  • No to Meeting-itis.

    Meeting-itis may have taken root in our corporate organizations' cultures but it is not too late!
    Let's stop wasting time, energy and money on the multiplication of unnecessary meetings.

  • No to old habits.

    Let's not pursue things just for the sake of old habits.
    Let's put an end to expensive and poorly executed meetings, in hotel basements or elsewhere.

  • No to the single thought mindset.

    Despite what the old adage suggests, the final result is not all that matters. Be careful with short-term goals, they sorely lack vision.

We, at Comet Metings, want to say Yes...
  • Yes to a job well done.

    Working efficiently is an optimization challenge of time / energy / money ratios, benefiting projects and the people on board. Yes to meetings that really make things happen and ensure team cohesiveness.

  • Yes to today and tomorrow.

    Intelligence and experience come into every aspect of our lives. Long live the "Best practice" mindset, in a "Feel good" environment! Yes to more collaboration, in a more connected way.

  • Yes to creative thinking.

    A successful meeting has to achieve 5 majors goals, corresponding to the Comet pillars:

  • c


    Presentation, training, workshop, event: the meeting leads to results, the main mission is over. That’s a good… point of departure

  • o


    No evolution without vision. The next steps are identified to set the course, and every participant is aligned on the same trajectory!

  • m


    The team is firmly anchored around common objectives. This phenomenon is called "collective membership" and its attraction is irresistible.

  • e


    Stimulated by the energy charge of the group, each individual activates his skills and releases his creativity. Common interest and personal fulfillment are at the heart of the reactor.

  • t

    Take Away

    Participants are boosted with raw material and gray matter. They made the most of their exchanges in terms of practical content and human relations. End of the day, beginning of the story.

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