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A meeting must combine 5 fundamental pillars to become both science and art.




Presentation, training, workshop, event: the meeting’s result is achieved, the fundamental mission has been achieved. Excellent note to depart on.




There is no progress without vision. Next steps are identified to set the course. It’s wonderful, everyone is geared toward the same objective, and on the same path!




The team is firmly anchored around shared and common objectives. This phenomenon is called “collective membership” and its contagious force is irresistible.




Thanks to the group’s energy, each individual gives his/her skills a boost unleashing creativity. Common interest and personal fulfillment are at the core.

<p>Take away</p>

Take away


Participants are equipped with raw material and gray matter. They make the most of their exchanges on practical content and build human relationships. End the day with the start of a new story.

“La philosophie d’un siècle est le sens commun du suivant”

How to achieve meeting success ?

At Comet, we are convinced that there is a science behind a successful meeting. For this reason, we have drawn up The Cométhode guide, which gathers the best practices in this field.

<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>

Comet published The “Cométhode”

Discover the “Cométhode”: the 60 tips that will save your meetings!

Know of any good practices? Send them to us!

Discover our useful tips

To receive the full version, contact us at: sauvonsnosreunions@comet.team

<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>
<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>
<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>

Before the meeting

Thanks god it’s Tuesday

This particular day of the week plays a key role on the mood and level of concentration of attendees. Take this into account when setting your meeting date!

Before the meeting

Assign a timekeeper

Lack of time management is the first problem encountered in meetings. If no one is looking at the watch, then getting together is undoubtedly a waste of time !

Before the meeting

Sofa = Creativity?

Some measures can increase creativity and promote exchanges. If the subject matter allows, why not dare an informal meeting – it seems to work for Google !

<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>
<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>
<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>

During the meeting

But first, coffee!

Start your meeting with a coffee (worth arriving 5min early) and allow attendees to get an initial dose of energy to start on the right foot!

During the meeting

Break the ice

A united team is a winning team! Start your meeting with an ice breaker for team building, make attendees feel comfortable working together and own the room.

During the meeting

Put your phones away

A person who answers his/her e-mails during a meeting is distracted and unfocused. To avoid distractions and stay focused, all phones must be put away.

<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>
<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>
<p>Comet published The &#8220;Cométhode&#8221;</p>

After the meeting


By chaining all daily tasks together without any breaks, you are bound to lose focus and efficiency.
Be sure to take regular breaks !

After the meeting

Share insights

First off, be sure to draw up a report which must list the names of attendees, the decisions taken, and the action plan to follow (who/what/when).

After the meeting

Instead of WhatsApp or slack

Have work related face to face conversations for better and effective progress on collaborative tasks.

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