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The transmission of knowledge in a training session

As its name suggests, the purpose of the training session is to pass on knowledge. It is usually facilitated by a coach, who requires space to move around and interact with group members. Participants also need desks to use a computer and take notes.

The U-shaped format combines the effectiveness of a classroom format with the sociability of a circular form and encourages feelings of equality and collaboration. Participants have personal space to use a computer, take notes or handle products or samples. Finally, speakers can move within the U to interact with group members or work individually with other people. It is rather recommented to limit the number of U-shaped participants to 50 people.

2 to 50


La science de Comet

You can retain 3 times more information if you see them in your right visual field.

Extrovert people are more sociable in a semi-circle, while socially shy people prefer to sit on chairs arranged in rows.

Set up potentially conflicting personalities on the same side of the table with people seated in between to dissipate tensions.

The science that rocks!

Recommended services

  • Support tools (post-it, paperboards, whiteboards)
  • Break spaces without time constraints
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  • Technology console to manage multi-presentations
  • Smartphone locker to invite to disconnect
  • Tech media (electronic paperboard)
  • Tablet to energize your team with Comet playlists
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  • Focus : maintain better attention during the day
  • Relax & Unwind : relax at the end of the day
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  • Coach
  • Design team to improve a presentation support
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