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Comet Buildings redefines the office building...

… by designing and operating spaces and services worthy of prestigious hotels. The objective of this new hospitality management offer : create a unique and human user experience.


Spaces optimization
Operation of meeting rooms and shared workspaces for more intelligence in their use.
Our services to employees and visitors Reception / Barista
We make the reception more pleasant and lively by offering a real lounge reception with an open, qualitative and unlimited coffee, for employees and visitors waiting for their meetings.
Our services to employees and visitors Community management
We create and animate the building community through the regular organization of events to strengthen the feeling of belonging and attract talent.
Our services to employees and visitors Wellness
We design Wellness sessions inspired by yoga to stimulate daily well-being (creativity, relaxation, energy), by reservation for users.
Our services to employees and visitors And many more...
Our technology Comet Buildings App
An ultra intuitive application for modern and simplified use of all spaces and services, as it should be today.


A question, a project, a need ? Let's discuss together what Comet Buildings can do for you.


Landscape Tower - La Défense
Landscape Tower - La Défense
Management and facilitation of services, excluding catering, for this 70,000m² office complex.
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